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Career Planning
Whether you want to focus on that “next step” in your career and how to get there, choose your 1st or 2nd career or be more effective in your current role, we can help you!

Career Change
Ever ask yourself at the end of a long grueling day…”Is that all there is?”  We’ll help you turn that question into the statement “Wow, what a great day this has been!”  By identifying your strengths / interests & values and skills, we’ll help discover alternative ways to use your expertise. Then we'll develop effective marketing tools and a marketing plan to conduct an effective job search. 

We provide notification training and on-site assistance for companies at the time of terminations. For the exiting individual we provide change management, assessment, resume, social networking and marketing strategy development, interview preparation, training in negotiating skills & evaluating offers, as well as new leader assimilation.

New Leader Assimilation
Holding one-on-one coaching sessions, develop, implement and monitor an effective integration action plan for success in new environment.  Explore and leverage the leaders’ skills, personality, work style and identify and leverage how they impact leadership behavior.  Identify primary focus and two or three key priorities.

Executive Coaching
We will assist you in developing executive leadership talents through a practical perspective offering pragmatic insights, contributing to management and executive effectiveness.


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